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Friday, 3 June 2016

POS Software Usage in Fruit and Vegetables Supermarket | RagaDesigners

Why should shoppers buy fruits & vegetables from a Supermarket than from a neighborhood store or street hawkers or conventional vegetable markets?
The Method of using ‘fixed price’ could seem a little strange to shoppers who are used to ‘bargain & buy’ in the market.

Quality, then, lies in the ‘quick-dip’ test that the customers do. This typically involves them picking up few vegetables or fruits at randomly Based on their quality.
Amount of Picking Qualified Products and Available of required products are Comfortable in Super Markets only.

We have seen that an intelligent POS solution that track the inventory, and alerts the retailer on the suitable time for dumping, becomes essential. In addition, the software solution should help retailer fix up the daily selling price depending on the demands and maintenance.

This would also help the retailer better manage suppliers by negotiating on the quantity and quality of stock procured from vendors. The POS Software thus helps a retailer may achieve cost efficiency by streamlining the entire supply chain.


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